3d transforms


A utility library implementing a common structure to encapsulate spatial transformations

About 3d-transforms

This is a library that uses the other 3d-* math libraries to present an encapsulation for a spatial transformation. It offers convenience functions for operating on such transformations and for converting between them and the alternative 4x4 matrix representation.

Typically you will want a transform representation like this rather than a direct matrix representation, as it preserves the components of the transform and avoids issues like gimbal lock through the use of quaternions.

How To

Load it through ASDF or Quicklisp

(ql:quickload :3d-transforms)
(use-package :org.shirakumo.flare.transform)

Create a transform:


And then move it around

(tmove-by * 1 2 3)
(tscale-by * 2 1 1)
(trotate-by * 3d-vectors:+vy+ PI)

If you would then like to transform a point from the space local to the transform to the global space, you can use t*p

(t*p * (vec 1 2 3))

Alternatively if you need a matrix representation in order to, say, upload to the GPU, you can use tmat4. If you need to stack transforms, you can do so by adding them together via t+ or nt+.

Underneath a transform is just a combination of a tlocation vector, a tscaling vector, and a trotation quaternion. You can access and directly manipulate these values as well if needed.

Also See

  • 3d-vectors for Vector operations in conjunction with this library.

  • 3d-matrices for Matrix operations in conjunction with this library.

  • 3d-quaternions for Quaternion operations in conjunction with this library.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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