System for colour representation, conversion, and operation.

About Colored

This is a library for representing and mapping colours between their various spaces.

It currently does not support ICC colour space conversions from colour profile files. This is however planned for a future release. If there are other mappings missing that you need, please file an issue.

How To

For the purposes of this tutorial we assume the package org.shirakumo.alloy.colored is nicknamed colored.

Primarily, colours are constructed using color or one of the specific colour space constructors (rgb, srgb, hsv, hsl, hsi, cmyk, lab, xyz).

You can also de/serialise colours from direct integer format using the encode and decode functions.

Colours are immutable. As such they can and will be cached wherever possible. Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that two colours with the same channel values will be eq. To compare colours, use color= and color-equal.

(colored:color= (colored:color 1 0 0) (colored:decode #xFF0000)) ; => T

In order to convert colours between different colour spaces, use the convert function.


Colored offers a database of standard colours with their associated colour values. You can find these in the org.shirakumo.alloy.colored.colors package. You can also define new colours using define-color.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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