An API client for the Splatoon 2 Splatnet.

About Inkwell

This is a client library for the Splatoon 2 Splatnet API. It offers access to player and battle statistics, basically exposing all the information available on the official Nintendo Switch mobile phone app.

How To

This library does not currently handle the log in flow, as it is not publicly documented. You will have to provide a valid session token in order to make requests against the API. In order to obtain this token, search for iksm_session and use one of the methods described to sniff out the token from the phone app. Personally I've found the ink-proxy method to be the easiest and most reliable.

Once you have obtained the iksm_session token, you should plug it into the library:

(ql:quickload :inkwell)
(setf inkwell:*session* "adwdwadwaddadwadadwadawd")

From there you can retrieve information about current battles (list-battles, battle), single-player statistics (single-player), upcoming battle modes (schedules), specific users (user), active and past splafests (active-festivals, list-festivals, votes, rankings), and even the online shop merchandise (shop-info, order).

;     ...)

The library takes care to transform the results from the API into sensible objects for you to inspect and extract information from with ease. Have a look at the symbol index to see what is offered.

A note about requests: this library does not take any care to attempt and rate limit or cache. Please be mindful that if you send too many requests over your session, you may get blocked by Nintendo. However, since many statistics only update infrequently (~3 minutes for battles) or rarely (~1 hour for schedules), it should be easy to implement a caching scheme in your application.

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