A small library to generate pango-style text markup.

About Pango-Markup

This is a small library to handle marking up text in the Pango-style markup for you.

How To

Marking up text is fairly easy. All you need to do is invoke markup-text with a list of regions and markup descriptions:

(pango-markup:markup-regions "1 22 333"
  '((0 1 :color red)
    (5 8 :font (:family "monospace"))))
; => "<span color='red'>1</span> 22 <span font_family='monospace'>333</span>"

It's also possible to nest markup tags:

(pango-markup:markup-regions "12321"
  '((0 5 :underline T)
    (1 4 :strike T)))
; => "<span underline='single'>1<span strikethrough='true'>232</span>1</span>"

See the markup and font class descriptions and their accessors for a list of possible options.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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