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This is a font designed for button prompts in games. It includes the base alphabet, as well as icons for modifier and control keys, and gamepad buttons. All the icons included in the font are custom made and available under the same SIL Open Font Licence. Included trademarks however of course still belong to their respective owners.

The downloadable package includes the font in TTF and OTF format, the glyphs rendered to sprite atlases, this index for easy searching, a CSS file for HTML/JS projects, a JSON file listing all of the glyphs along with convenient names and tagging, and source files for C, C++, C#, Python, Lua, Lisp, Rust, and GDScript that define the glyphs as easy to use code constants.

If you use this font in your project please leave an attribution notice in your credits like this:

PromptFont by Yukari "Shinmera" Hafner, available at


! U+0021 ASCII !
" U+0022 ASCII "
# U+0023 ASCII #
$ U+0024 ASCII $
% U+0025 ASCII %
& U+0026 ASCII &
' U+0027 ASCII '
( U+0028 ASCII (
) U+0029 ASCII )
* U+002A ASCII *
+ U+002B ASCII +
, U+002C ASCII ,
- U+002D ASCII -
. U+002E ASCII .
/ U+002F ASCII /
0 U+0030 ASCII 0
1 U+0031 ASCII 1
2 U+0032 ASCII 2
3 U+0033 ASCII 3
4 U+0034 ASCII 4
5 U+0035 ASCII 5
6 U+0036 ASCII 6
7 U+0037 ASCII 7
8 U+0038 ASCII 8
9 U+0039 ASCII 9
: U+003A ASCII :
; U+003B ASCII ;
< U+003C ASCII <
= U+003D ASCII =
> U+003E ASCII >
? U+003F ASCII ?
@ U+0040 ASCII @
A U+0041 ASCII A
B U+0042 ASCII B
C U+0043 ASCII C
D U+0044 ASCII D
E U+0045 ASCII E
F U+0046 ASCII F
G U+0047 ASCII G
H U+0048 ASCII H
I U+0049 ASCII I
P U+0050 ASCII P
Q U+0051 ASCII Q
R U+0052 ASCII R
S U+0053 ASCII S
T U+0054 ASCII T
U U+0055 ASCII U
V U+0056 ASCII V
W U+0057 ASCII W
X U+0058 ASCII X
Y U+0059 ASCII Y
[ U+005B ASCII [
\ U+005C ASCII \
] U+005D ASCII ]
^ U+005E ASCII ^
_ U+005F ASCII _
` U+0060 ASCII `
a U+0061 ASCII lowercase a
b U+0062 ASCII lowercase b
c U+0063 ASCII lowercase c
d U+0064 ASCII lowercase d
e U+0065 ASCII lowercase e
f U+0066 ASCII lowercase f
g U+0067 ASCII lowercase g
h U+0068 ASCII lowercase h
i U+0069 ASCII lowercase i
j U+006A ASCII lowercase j
k U+006B ASCII lowercase k
l U+006C ASCII lowercase l
m U+006D ASCII lowercase m
n U+006E ASCII lowercase n
o U+006F ASCII lowercase o
p U+0070 ASCII lowercase p
q U+0071 ASCII lowercase q
r U+0072 ASCII lowercase r
s U+0073 ASCII lowercase s
t U+0074 ASCII lowercase t
u U+0075 ASCII lowercase u
v U+0076 ASCII lowercase v
w U+0077 ASCII lowercase w
x U+0078 ASCII lowercase x
y U+0079 ASCII lowercase y
z U+007A ASCII lowercase z
{ U+007B ASCII {
| U+007C ASCII |
} U+007D ASCII }
~ U+007E ASCII ~


U+2194 exchange
U+2195 reverse
U+21EF Dpad Right/Up
U+21F0 Dpad Left/Down
U+2316 pin
U+24F5 1
U+24F6 2
U+24F7 3
U+24F8 4
U+24F9 5
U+24FA 6
U+24FB 7
U+24FC 8
U+24FD 9
U+24FF 0
U+2605 star
U+2606 empty star
U+2620 skull
U+2639 frown
U+263A smile
U+2660 full spade
U+2661 empty heart
U+2662 empty diamond
U+2663 full club
U+2664 empty spade
U+2665 heart
U+2666 full diamond
U+2667 empty club
U+2673 D4
U+2674 D6
U+2675 D8
U+2676 D10
U+2677 D12
U+2678 D20
U+2680 D6 1
U+2681 D6 2
U+2682 D6 3
U+2683 D6 4
U+2684 D6 5
U+2685 D6 6
U+2691 flag
U+2699 Gears / Options / Settings
U+2717 cross
U+2753 question
U+2757 exclamation
U+2B1B Box / Crate
🎧 U+1F3A7 Headphones
🎶 U+1F3B6 Music
🐟 U+1F41F fish
💻 U+1F4BB Laptop
💾 U+1F4BE diskette
📝 U+1F4DD Write
📷 U+1F4F7 Camera
🔈 U+1F508 Speaker
🕬 U+1F56C SFX / Sound Effect / Noise
🖥 U+1F5A5 CPU / Processor
🖧 U+1F5A7 Web / Internet / Link
🖨 U+1F5A8 GPU / Graphics Card
🖪 U+1F5AA RAM / Memory
🖫 U+1F5AB USB Stick
🖬 U+1F5AC Database
🖴 U+1F5B4 Hard Disk / Drive
🖵 U+1F5B5 Screen / Video
🖹 U+1F5B9 Text Entry / Edit
🗣 U+1F5E3 Speaking Voice
🗩 U+1F5E9 Language
🚪 U+1F6AA Exit / Quit / Leave
🛈 U+1F6C8 Information
🛒 U+1F6D2 Shopping Cart


U+2196 Left Trigger (LT)
U+2197 Right Trigger (RT)
U+2198 Left Shoulder (LB)
U+2199 Right Shoulder (RB)
U+219A Left Trigger (ZL)
U+219B Right Trigger (ZR)
U+219C Left Shoulder (L)
U+219D Right Shoulder (R)
U+219E Dpad Left
U+219F Dpad Up
U+21A0 Dpad Right
U+21A1 Dpad Down
U+21A2 Dpad Left/Right
U+21A3 Dpad Up/Down
U+21A4 Button Left (X)
U+21A5 Button Up (Y)
U+21A6 Button Right (B)
U+21A7 Button Down (A)
U+21A9 Left Analog Clockwise
U+21AA Left Analog Counter
U+21AB Right Analog Clockwise
U+21AC Right Analog Counter
U+21AD Both Analog Clockwise
U+21AE Both Analog Counter
U+21B0 Left Shoulder (L1)
U+21B1 Right Shoulder (R1)
U+21B2 Left Trigger (L2)
U+21B3 Right Trigger (R2)
U+21B4 Dpad Left/Down
U+21B5 Dpad Up/Right
U+21B6 Analog Clockwise
U+21B7 Analog Counter
U+21B9 Both Analog Click
U+21BA Left Analog Click
U+21BB Right Analog Click
U+21BC Left Analog Left
U+21BD Right Analog Left
U+21BE Left Analog Up
U+21BF Right Analog Up
U+21C0 Left Analog Right
U+21C1 Right Analog Right
U+21C2 Left Analog Down
U+21C3 Right Analog Down
U+21C4 Left Analog Left/Right
U+21C5 Left Analog Up/Down
U+21C6 Right Analog Left/Right
U+21C7 Analog Left
U+21C8 Analog Up
U+21C9 Analog Right
U+21CA Analog Down
U+21CB Left Analog
U+21CC Right Analog
U+21CE Dpad
U+21D0 Button X
U+21D1 Button Y
U+21D2 Button B
U+21D3 Button A
U+21D4 Analog Left/Right
U+21D5 Analog Up/Down
U+21D6 Analog Up Left
U+21D7 Analog Up Right
U+21D8 Analog Down Right
U+21D9 Analog Down Left
U+21DA Left Analog Touch
U+21DB Right Analog Touch
U+21DC Left Trigger Pull
U+21DD Right Trigger Pull
U+21DE Dpad Right/Down
U+21DF Dpad Left/Up
U+21E0 Button Square
U+21E1 Button Triangle
U+21E2 Button Circle
U+21E3 Button Cross
U+21E4 Steam Menu
U+21E5 Options Menu
U+21E6 DualShock Share
U+21E7 DualShock Touchpad
U+21E8 DualShock Options
U+21E9 Gamecube Z
U+21EA Back Trigger (Z)
U+21EB Button C
U+21EC Button Z
U+21ED Button Alt 1
U+21EE Button Alt 2
U+21F1 Left Analog Any
U+21F2 Right Analog Any
U+21F3 Analog Any
U+21F5 Right Analog Up/Down
U+21F7 Select/Share
U+21F8 Start
U+21F9 Home/Menu
U+21FA Share/Capture/View
U+21FB Burger Menu
U+21FD Minus
U+21FE Plus
U+21FF Joycon Dpad Left
U+2200 Joycon Dpad Up
U+2201 Joycon Dpad Right
U+2202 Joycon Dpad Down
U+2203 Joycon SL
U+2204 Joycon SR
U+2205 Lenovo Legion Quick Settings
U+2206 DualSense Share
U+2207 DualSense Touchpad
U+2208 DualSense Options
U+2209 Ayaneo LC
U+220A Ayaneo RC
U+220B Ayaneo Wave
U+220C Ayaneo Home
U+220D Ayaneo LCC
U+220E GPD C1
U+220F GPD C2
U+2210 Onexplayer Keyboard
U+2211 Onexplayer Turbo
U+2212 M1
U+2213 M2
U+2214 M3
U+2215 Y1
U+2216 Y2
U+2217 Y3
U+2218 Onexplayer Function
U+2219 Onexplayer Home
U+2225 Button Left/Right (X/B)
U+2226 Button Down/Up (A/Y)
U+2227 Button Left/Up (X/Y)
U+2228 Button Right/Up (B/Y)
U+2229 Button Right/Down (A/B)
U+222A Button Right/Down (X/A)
U+2264 Left Trackpad Any
U+2265 Right Trackpad Any
U+2266 Left Trackpad Click
U+2267 Right Trackpad Click
U+2268 Left Trackpad Touch
U+2269 Right Trackpad Touch
U+226E Left Trackpad Left
U+226F Right Trackpad Left
U+2270 Left Trackpad Up
U+2271 Right Trackpad Up
U+2272 Left Trackpad Right
U+2273 Right Trackpad Right
U+2274 Left Trackpad Down
U+2275 Right Trackpad Down
U+2276 SteamDeck L4
U+2277 SteamDeck R4
U+2278 SteamDeck L5
U+2279 SteamDeck R5
U+227A Xbox Dpad Left
U+227B Xbox Dpad Up
U+227C Xbox Dpad Right
U+227D Xbox Dpad Down
U+227E Xbox Dpad Left Right
U+227F Xbox Dpad Up Down
U+2280 Xbox Dpad Left Up
U+2281 Xbox Dpad Right Up
U+2282 Xbox Dpad Left Down
U+2283 Xbox Dpad Right Down
U+2284 Xbox Dpad
U+E005 ROG Ally Armoury
U+E006 ROG Ally Command
U+E010 MSI Claw Center
U+E011 MSI Claw Quick


U+23CD Tabs
U+23CE Back
U+23CF Home Screen
U+23D0 Horizontal Dots
U+23D1 Vertical Dots
U+23D2 Hamburger Menu


U+23F4 Arrow Left
U+23F5 Arrow Up
U+23F6 Arrow Right
U+23F7 Arrow Down
U+2423 WASD
U+2424 Arrow Keys
U+2425 IJKL
U+2426 Fn
U+2427 Ctrl
U+2428 Alt
U+2429 Shift
U+242A Super
U+242B Tab
U+242C Caps
U+242D Backspace
U+242E Enter
U+242F Esc
U+2430 PrtSc
U+2431 ScrLk
U+2432 Pause
U+2433 NumLock
U+2434 Insert
U+2435 Home
U+2436 Page Up
U+2437 Delete
U+2438 End
U+2439 Page Down
U+243A Space
U+2460 F1
U+2461 F2
U+2462 F3
U+2463 F4
U+2464 F5
U+2465 F6
U+2466 F7
U+2467 F8
U+2468 F9
U+2469 F10
U+246A F11
U+246B F12
U+248F Empty Keycap
U+FF10 Key 0
U+FF11 Key 1
U+FF12 Key 2
U+FF13 Key 3
U+FF14 Key 4
U+FF15 Key 5
U+FF16 Key 6
U+FF17 Key 7
U+FF18 Key 8
U+FF19 Key 9
U+FF21 Key A
U+FF22 Key B
U+FF23 Key C
U+FF24 Key D
U+FF25 Key E
U+FF26 Key F
U+FF27 Key G
U+FF28 Key H
U+FF29 Key I
U+FF2A Key J
U+FF2B Key K
U+FF2C Key L
U+FF2D Key M
U+FF2E Key N
U+FF2F Key O
U+FF30 Key P
U+FF31 Key Q
U+FF32 Key R
U+FF33 Key S
U+FF34 Key T
U+FF35 Key U
U+FF36 Key V
U+FF37 Key W
U+FF38 Key X
U+FF39 Key Y
U+FF3A Key Z


U+243C Gamepad
U+243D Keyboard
U+243E Mouse
U+243F Mouse and Keyboard
💃 U+1F483 Dance Pad
📱 U+1F4F1 Phone
🔫 U+1F52B Light Gun
🕸 U+1F578 Steering Wheel
🕹 U+1F579 Fight Stick / Joystick
🕻 U+1F57B VR Headset
🕼 U+1F57C VR Controller
🕽 U+1F57D Flight Stick


U+278A Mouse Button 1
U+278B Mouse Button 2
U+278C Mouse Button 3
U+278D Mouse Button 4
U+278E Mouse Button 5
U+278F Mouse Button 6
U+2790 Mouse Button 7
U+2791 Mouse Button 8
U+27F0 Scroll Up
U+27F1 Scroll Down
U+27F5 Left Click
U+27F6 Right Click
U+27F7 Middle Click
U+27FA Mouse Left/Right
U+27FB Mouse Up/Down
U+27FC Mouse Any