random sampling


Functions to generate random samples with various distributions

About Random-Sampling

This library provides additional functions used in statistics or random generation. It provides a variety of distribution functions to provide a biased random number generation and generators for random numbers on 3D volumes.

How To

This library relies on random-state for uniform random number generation. As such, you can pick from a variety of underlying sources of randomness to drive the other algorithms in this library. For multivariate distributions such as over volumes, it relies on the 3d-math library for vector and matrix representation.

To generate samples, simply invoke one of the various functions exposed by this library. To influence the underlying random source, set or bind the org.shirakumo.random-state:*generator*.

Sampling for the following volume types is available:

The following distribution functions are available:

Most distributions also have their probility density function available. You can retrieve it via the pdf function.

System Information

Yukari Hafner

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