Portability layer for atomic operations like compare-and-swap (CAS).

About Atomics

This is a library for access to atomic operation primitives such as compare-and-swap. It aims to be a rather thin layer over what the implementations offer.

Currently Supported Implementations

The following implementations are fully or partially supported:

  • Allegro

  • CCL

  • ECL

  • LispWorks

  • Mezzano

  • SBCL

For a detailed report on the capabilities, please see the documentation of the respective operators. If you think that an implementation should be added, or better supported, please file an issue or a pull request with the necessary information.

If the library is unsupported, an error will be signalled on load. If an operation is unsupported, an error will be signalled on usage of the operator.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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