cl ktx


An implementation of the Khronos KTX image file format

About cl-ktx

This is an implementation of the Khronos KTX image file format.

How To

Load the cl-ktx library, and invoke read-file to read a file from any of the supported binary-structures backends.

The returned structure can be easily accessed. Since the image data is already pre-packed for upload to the GPU, you should be able to just iterate over the mipmaps and upload via gl-tex-image-2d etc. Note that the gl-* functions return the direct enum integers that you can pass to the relevant functions.

You can also write ktx files back out with write-file after constructing one from the raw data. You can set the desired enum keywords on the gl-* functions and it'll convert to the enum integer for you.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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