A toolkit library to help deal with CoreFoundation, Cocoa, and objc

About Cocoas

This is a small toolkit library to help deal with Apple's CoreFoundation, Cocoa, and Objective C interfaces.

How To

The library exposes the additional cffi types nsstring, cfstring, cfnumber, cfset, cfarray, and cfdictionary to allow convenient translation between the respective Lisp representation of these types and the ObjC/CoreFoundation representation. You can use them like you would any other CFFI type.

You can also define convenient Lisp function wrappers for static methods and instance methods, using define-objcfun and define-objcmethod respectively, using similar syntax to cffi:defcfun:

(cocoas:define-objcfun "NSAlert" alloc :pointer)
; [NSAlert alloc] => (nsalert-alloc)

(cocoas:define-objcmethod init :pointer)
; [obj init] => (init obj)

(cocoas:define-objcmethod run-modal :uint)
; [obj runModal] => (run-modal obj)

(cocas:define-objcmethod ((setf informative-text) "setInformativeText:") NIL
  (text cocoas:nsstring))
; [obj setInformativeText: [NSString stringWithUTF8String: text]] => (setf (informative-text obj) text)

To handle object cleanup and initialisation, there's with-main-loop, with-objects, and with-foundation-objects.

(cocas:with-main-loop ()
  (cocoas:with-objects ((window (init (nsalert-alloc))))
    (setf (informative-text window) "Hello!")
    (prog1 (run-modal window)
      (loop while (cocoas:process-event)))))

The library also installs a standard uncaught exception handler that translates and re-signals any NSException as a foundation-error so the errors can be dealt with Lisp-side.

System Information

Yukari Hafner

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