dns client


A client for the DNS protocol.

About dns-client

This is a pure-lisp implementation of a DNS client. You can use this to resolve hostnames, reverse-lookup IP addresses, and fetch other kinds of DNS records.

How To

The primary interface is query, with shorthands for the most common operations in resolve and hostname.

(org.shirakumo.dns-client:query "google.com" :type :MX)
;; => ... "alt3.aspmx.l.google.com"

(org.shirakumo.dns-client:resolve "aspmx.l.google.com")
;; => ""

(org.shirakumo.dns-client:hostname "")
;; => "ws-in-f26.1e100.net"

(org.shirakumo.dns-client:resolve "ws-in-f26.1e100.net")
;; => ""

Some common record types are translated into more readable structures automatically. Unsupported ones will have their data available octets. If you find you need support for a record that's not implemented yet, please contribute a patch.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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