file select


A library to invoke the native file selection dialogs to open or save files.

About File-Select

This library allows you to open native file dialogs to open and save files. This is useful if you have an application that's primarily text based and would like a more convenient file selection utility, or if you are working with a UI toolkit that does not offer a way to access the native file dialogs directly.

How To

After loading it, simply invoke new or existing. This should bring up a file dialog in the preferred backend for your current system. The backend to use is determined on first call.

(org.shirakumo.file-select:new :type "png")
(org.shirakumo.file-select:existing :multiple T)

Returned are two values – the file or files selected as pathnames, and whether the user successfully completed the selection. If the second value is NIL, it means the user aborted the operation by closing or cancelling the dialog.

Supported Backends

The following file selection backends are currently supported:

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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