staple server


An interactive documentation viewer using Staple

About Staple-Server

This is a live browser variant of Staple, giving you an immediate way of viewing documentation for all currently loaded systems.

How To

Load staple-server and start it up:


It should print the address of the server to your REPL. Simply paste it into your browser and you should be greeted with a systems index. The documentation for each system is generated on demand, so the first time you click on a system, it might take a bit to load it.

When you're done and want to stop the server, you can simply run


The server keeps a cache of generated documentation in the system's temporary directory, so the cache will be automatically deleted once you reboot. If you would like to delete the cache immediately, you can run clear-cache.

Assumptions About Generated Documentation

The server makes some assumptions about how the documentation of a system is generated. If the system does not customise staple, this is no problem. However, for systems that might customise it a lot, these assumptions might matter. The assumptions are as follows:

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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